V5.0.3 - Swiper Previous and Next Buttons with font problems?

Hello! First, AMAZING work with fw7 V5!

I’m almost done migrating my apps, and I found an issue with my swipers previous and next buttons. Now it show a strange text.

Doing some debug I’ve found that the font-family has changed.

Here’s and app in V5 (with the problems):

And here’s another app with exact same HTML code, but now in V4 (working):

Am I doing something wrong? Did I missed something in mi migration process? Or it’s a small bug?

Regards and keep doing this fckn job!

Font name is correct as new Swiper uses own font for this buttons. So something weird is happening. You can see those buttons are correct on Kitchen Sink, right? What framework do you use, Vue, React or just core? Do you use a custom build?

Just Fw7 Core…

I´ll try the 5.0.4 running native on a cordova build. Then talk back to you…

Ok, looks like issue is in because of text-transform: uppercase on icons. Will fix in next update