[v5] How to use Template7.registerHelper in Component page?

use all methods I found , no one is working!

framework7-cli create --ui “Simple web app/Framework7 Core”

import Template7 from ‘template7’; in the beginning of the file
registered “Template7.registerHelper” before new Framework7() in app.js
module.exports=[‘xdxd’] in src/template7-helpers-list.js
{{xdxd ‘arg’}} in component page

always got error as below

client:159 ./src/pages/home.f7.html
Module build failed (from ./node_modules/framework7-component-loader/lib/index.js):
Error: Template7: Missing helper: “xdxd”
at Template7Class.compile (/Users/orz99/zoo/clb2b/node_modules/template7/dist/template7.js:590:17)
at Function.compile (/Users/orz99/zoo/clb2b/node_modules/template7/dist/template7.js:655:21)
at Object.loader (/Users/orz99/zoo/clb2b/node_modules/framework7-component-loader/lib/index.js:165:34)

You need Restart webpack

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It’s Work!
Thank shastox so muck! Спасибо великое!