[v5] Multiple Inline pages into the same view

in my former F7 v1 APP i had all my pages in a single view and in a single index.html file.

I’d like to do the same on F7 v5. Can anyone post a very basic example including page structure for a two pages view and how to allow moving from one to the other (like a button for example both as html and programmatic example)?

I apologies if it’s a trivial question but I was not able to find an example in the docs…


Create new app with F7-CLI, choose webpack bundler. It uses router components files, which will be bundled into js file. No need in such thing as inline pages in v5

Hmmm that scares me a bit as both in Jquery and in F7 v1 I always used only inline pages already available in the DOM. In particular I’ve been reading about changes in data availability among the different pages…
Having said that I’ll give it a try!