[v5] to [v6] In general

Hi folks,

since the announcement in Dec 2020 and the update-blog-post in March 2021, there seems it was a bit silent about V6.

A couple of days ago I was looking into updating some of my projects to V6-Vue, but lots of things changed since V5 and there is not much help found on the F7website.

Most templates are quite outdated (v4/v5) and for v6 there seems to be only 1 React example (which is not very dynamic, as it operates on static data).

It seems there is nothing which shows how changes affect us directly.

If using cli to create a new (empty) webapp, it doesn’t really show

  • how data will travel through the application in V6… so there’s a lot of trial-and-error…
  • or how changes from V5 to V6 will fit in, e.g. how to re-structure the app to make use of the new syntax and structure…

While adding the new store is nice (although we had that in Vue2 already when using ‘Vue.observable’), it stays unclear to me, how to add it ‘generally’ to components as shown in the blog-post, since the

export default (props, { $store, $on }) => ... seems not to work in V6-vue

Do I miss something?
Are there some sample apps available, which just show how to manage data and re-structure code when updating from v5->v6?
(Also: the Appstore-example for React would already help, if it was for F7-core or F7-vue)

Seems you mess a bit with Core vs Vue syntax. If you use Vue version then you should refer only to Vue docs.

This is how to migrate Migration from Framework7 v5 | Framework7 Vue Documentation
This is how to use store in F7-Vue: Store | Framework7 Vue Documentation

Thx - but that’s exactly the point I made.

If there were some (tiny) templates, demos, examples, which show how things are supposed to work (think: best practices), that would help to get started quickly.

From the blog-post it’s not really obvious how the various targets (and structure) are affected - and this leads to a considerable amount of effort to sort out differences.