V6: removed support for Template7 and scoped styles?

I was looking around in the V6 version on Github, you have already done hard work @nolimits4web !

Only noticed that support for scoped styles and Template7 are removed. Can Template7 template-support still be added by using a separate library? And can custom scoped styles still be used by writing CSS using rules like {{this}} p { ... } ?

No, components in v6 work in different way, so no more Template7

Also no sorry, it is completely removed as something what is not really needed (can be replaced with just using unique css class/id) but adding a lot of complexity into parsing this

Okay, I can understand. I’m indeed already avoiding scoped styles and rewriting them with regular css outside components, targeting page name attributes. Working that way, scoped css blocks are also not duplicated when the same component is multiple times in history.

Can’t wait to dive into the V6 docs :slight_smile: Is there already a preview version of the docs somewhere? Don’t want to rush you in any way though, will be very happy if V6 is as rock solid as V5.

Greetings from the lockdown, ehh, Netherlands :expressionless:

Not yet, but v6 docs already in progress

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template is no more reactive to data value changes?
Will there be another way to do the same thing? or will this possibility no longer be available?