V6 Upgrade confusion

I am a little confused in seeking to upgrade from V5 to V6.
Previously, I had downloaded the full file set and just copied the likes of framework7.css, framework7.bundle.js or framework.bundle.min.js to appropriate folders, checked for syntax changes and the update was fine.
Now, either the system has changed and/or I am missing something because whatever I download I do not get the new V6 files.
Hopefully, someone will see the error of my ways and point me in the right direction…

Since v6 there is no more dist files included on GitHub. You can download bundle CSS and JS files from unpkg for example https://unpkg.com/browse/[email protected]/

thanks so much for the prompt response…

I downloaded and copied the V6 files but met a problem after so doing. The layout has completely gone - the effect is the same as removing the framework7.css file; the file is ‘seen’ by the app (no error message in console) but seems to be ignored. I did not have any of the syntax changes mentioned in the upgrade from V5 blog.
I’ve no doubt it is something simple I am or am not doing but several hours failed to find the solution!
Guidance appreciated…

It is not just enough to replace CSS/JS files, some extra steps also needed https://framework7.io/docs/migration-from-v5.html

Paste your initialisation code please. The biggest gotcha is from the release notes, "App root parameter to pass app root element renamed to el"

So make sure your JS file has ‘el’:

var app = new Framework7({
  // App root element
  el: '#app',

…instead of ‘root

I did make that change (it was the only one I needed)…
But still did not work (as previously described)

Anyone able to offer any further help please?

Give more relevant information. It is not possible to say where is the issue like that. Even better share the link to live preview. Or, try creating new empty project with Framework7-CLI and compare side-by-side what is wrong on your side