[v7] update innerHTML bug

i’ve noticed something strange in context update

  • from /courses (couse list view go to /course/23
  • on pageBeforeIn call
  $on('pageBeforeIn', (e, page) => {
    $store.dispatch('getCourse', { course: props.id }); // 23
  • go back /courses to course list
  • click on other course and go to /course/24
  • on pageBeforeIn call
  $on('pageBeforeIn', (e, page) => {
    $store.dispatch('getCourse', { course: props.id }); // 24

all data updates normally (image, title, sections and so on), but not innerHTML block that remain with course 23 data

  <div class="block" innerHTML="${course.value.description}"></div>

not update
if remove innerHTML and use

  <div class="block">${course.value.description}</div>

description update normally

@nolimits4web could be this a bug or I’m doing something wrong?

works correctly => modest-rui-44d23q - CodeSandbox

thanks for reply @deejay

I did other tests, and I noticed that in fact it updates for me too, but only at a certain point on the page

another little update

if I remove

      ${corso.value.user_completed ? $h`
            <div class="block ">
              <p class="course_user_completed"><i class="f7-icons" style="font-size: 12px; color: #56a863;" >checkmark</i> Hai completato questo corso</p>

the second div with innerHTML is also updated correctly