Validation in smartselect

I am trying to use standard validation on a required smartselect element.

The error message is added to the dom, however it is not displayed the way an input is.

Is there a problem with my structure preventing it from working?

error message div is added, however display: none is not modified to be visible:

The smartselect elements are the last two:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.36.07 PM

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Here is a sandbox:

On submit you can see an input gets validation message, but the smartselect does not.

Anybody know what I’ve done wrong here?


Still stuck on this. Anybody have experience with validation of smart select in v4 of fw7?

i think smartselect dosnt have a validation, you have to do it manually, maybe an alert if there is no item selected? or add a class “.smart-select-error” onSubmit and set your custom error color

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Thanks @pvtallulah

Hearing no other suggestions, you are probably correct that I’ll have to build this manually. Seems like this would be an opportunity to improve fw7.

Thanks for the confirmation.