View ignoring loadInitialPage={false}?

Since upgrading to F7 v6, I’ve had problems with my initial page.
Before, I was displaying a different view depending on whether the user is logged in, thus:

  ? <>
       <View id='view-main' main masterDetailBreakpoint={768} url='/dash/'>
          <div className='page-detail-placeholder'>
             Select an item to view details
           {/* Left Panel View */}

            <Panel backdrop left>
              <View id='menu-panel' url='/menu/' />
  : <View id='view-main' main>
       <LoginPage />

However, now the view that should be showing the <LoginPage /> component ALSO attempts to load content at URL '/'.

After looking through the documentation, I’ve tried setting loadInitialPage to false on the view component, but that doesn’t seem to change anything.
Setting router to false stops the view from attempting to load content from URL '/', but that then stops the view from being updated when isAuthenticated = true.

Any idea how to stop that View component from attempting to load content from a URL, and instead just show the child component?

Add initialPage prop to such initial page:

<LoginPage initialPage />
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Ah great! Thank you! :smile: