Virtual List in tabs with infinite scroll

I am trying to use virtual list in tabs, 4 different virtual lists on 4 tabs. i store virtual lists in different variables. with infinite scroll, i append items to required list.
the problem i face is that when i scroll to bottom, infinite scroll element, it starts fluctuation.
detected with DOM manipulation, it showed that each item is removed one by one from list and then added the list back to virtual list. debugging process showed it happened in jquery.min.js but went through whole code and got nothing related to this page or element.
using hit and trial method, i commented out some code and now the scenario is a bit simple. i commented out loading new data upon scrolling. now virtual list is created and no more data is added or removed but still the flickering is there.
what i think is this is something related to Virtual list in tabs but remember that the problem occurs when scrolled to infinite scroll.
is there anybody who faced this before and can guide me somehow.
this only happens on tab where data is 20 items, max size in one iteration. i have a tab with 5 items which is quite good.