Virtual list laggy scrolling

Hello everyone,

scrolling virtual list on Chrome on Android is really laggy (kitchen-sink).
I’m on a Galaxy S7 so it can’t be my phone.
Does anyone have the same problem and maybe knows a fix for that?

Thank you very much!

Could you please tell me why?
Angular Material Virtual List scrolls very well for example:

This is due to browser performance. I will check how Angular list works, but for me on iOS it performs much worse than the one in F7

looks like they do it differently

they have only 14 els
and they only change the text and the position
which is not a bad idea

vladimir actually create an el for each one

F7 works better

Yeah on iOS it’s fine but on Android Chrome it really sucks :roll_eyes:
Can’t use it.
The Angular Material performs very well for Android. Better have a average solution for all platforms than a bad one for Android and a good one for iOS.

…mainly due to the Android Chrome performance itself. I don’t have Android at the moment to test and tweak it. PR is always welcome

Yeah I’ll play around a bit because scrolling is overall a bit laggy on Chrome when browsing Famework7.
I’ll send a request if I finished it :slight_smile:

I’ve found a plugin which does it’s job very well:
Scrolling is extremely smooth even on low end Android devices.