VirtualList Events not firing? (svelte) (js error on destroy)

I’ve tried so many different ways to capture the VirtuaList events, but have been completely unsuccessful.

virtualListParams: { on: {beforeClear: ()=>{}}}

Generally, although undocumented, this should work as it is an F7 standard.

const virtualList = f7.virtualList.get(‘#my-list’);
virtualList.on(‘beforeClear’, ()=>{})

This also doesn’t work, I have ensured the virutalList object otherwise is fully functional with its methods like .replaceAllItems and .filterItems etc

I’ve tried EVERY documented event, no results.

Interestingly enough, when firing virtualList.destroy() in onDestroy() we get a javascript error "cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘detachEvents’)

Has anyone gotten the events to work, or is this destroy bug pointing at a possible real bug in virtualList?