Virtuallist ios error

Hi. I’m testing my app on ios. I have encountered an error on virtuallist. The following error occurs when i try to use deleteAlItem or prependItem methods. There is no problem on android.

Framework7 version: 3
Testing device: Iphone 8Plus 12.1 Simulator

My virtualList code is:

var virtualList;
virtualList = app.virtualList.create({
	// List Element
	el: '.virual-list-basket',
	items: [],
	setListHeight: true,
	itemTemplate:'html template codes',
	'<p class="text-align-center">Alışveriş sepetiniz boş</p>',
	// Item height
	height: app.theme === 'ios' ? 170 : 180

var result = []; 

	var myCart = valCart.items;
	for(var i=0;i<myCart.length;i++){
			id: myCart[i].id,
			code: myCart[i].code,
			name: myCart[i].name,
			price: myCart[i].price,
			amount: myCart[i].amount,
			totalprice: myCart[i].totalprice,
			accrual: myCart[i].accrual,
			unit: myCart[i].unit,
			image: myCart[i].image,
			description: myCart[i].note,
			alternative: myCart[i].alternative,
			alternativeLevel: myCart[i].alternativeLevel,
			parentCode: myCart[i].parentCode,
			shop: myCart[i].shop,
			address: myCart[i].address,
			hasAlternate: myCart[i].hasAlternate

Error is:

**TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'e.$pageContentEl[0]')**
**setListSize — framework7.js:14371**
**update — framework7.js:14772**
**deleteAllItems — framework7.js:14752**
**(anonymous function) — functions.js:191**
**n — framework7.js:3598**
**onload — framework7.js:3771**

If I comment the line “virtualList.deleteAllItems();”
Then error is:

**TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'a.items.unshift')**
**prependItems (framework7.min.js:12:215852)**
**(anonymous function) (functions.js:192)**
**n (framework7.min.js:12:55462)**
**onload (framework7.min.js:12:58069)**

Try to use .replaceAllItems method instead. Also empty template is wrong, it must return <li> element. And why do you create empty VL and then add items. Just create it when you get items