Virtuallist Problems [F7 2.0.2]

1- I have combined Infinite Scroll with Virtuallist which works quite ok. the only problem is, updating the list.
Once i add items to the Virtuallist Object that works but the list doesnt render! There some wierd cases where it starts to render, like when i scroll up and down again ( which initate the update again and adds new items, i have added an check so that it only adds the items which are still not displayed by checking the amount of rendered items ( html) and the items inside the list)

So what the the solution? How can I initiate the Rendering?

2- Once i try to add pull to refresh to the infinite Scroll element it doesnt work. Only the first @ attribute works ( @infinte:… )

Try vl.render()/update() methods

the .update() works kinda but not perfect … sadly anyways for now i am ok with it.

how about pull to refresh?