Visual Studio Code snippets


Over the weekend I’ve been playing around with the framework7-website repo and thought I may make use of it and share my outcome with community :wink:
I’m a big fan of VSCode editor.
If you’re like me, feel free to check out my snippets for Framework7.

This is pretty much a work in progress repo (check out the Issues tab).
Snippets are currently dynamically generated from the pug files.

Soon I’ll be able to make a full blown extension that you’ll be able to install directly from VSCode Marketplace.



Nice :+1: Thanks for sharing and keep us posted here about progress. I guess many of us use VSCode.

Good idea with generating it from .pug, but i guess in the end they need to be simplified. So like f7:button i guess we expect to see just a button, but not a whole page with all possible buttons :slight_smile:

@Kuba_Wolanin This is great! Thanks for sharing - I am using text-shortcuts, but it’s cumbersome…

As @nolimits4web already said: Those kind of snippets are great, if they just create one node.