Vladimir, how are you doing during the Corona crisis?

Of course, we are all affected by the consequences of the virus and I hope everybody is doing well. I like to hear from Vladimir about his situation, not to start another corona chat but because of genuine interest.
All stay safe and may a cure arrive soon!


Well, for the past year I’ve been undergoing chemo in this experimental trial so I’ve been home bound for a long, long time and when I go out in public (to get chemo), I’ve had to wear mask. For the past year my food has been primarily by delivery service or a friend or two picking some things up for me. Back when I started there was an adjustment process but I got through that. The worse part has been the drugs frying my brain and not being able to think as clearly as I once did. Someday’s I open my laptop and think I’m working but I just stare at the screen. Other days I actually get some coding done.

Other than that, my other half is now working from home and that’s been an adjustment for both of us but mostly for her. I laugh (and I shouldn’t) at watching her go through adjustments I made long ago.

Outside of that, I live in sunny south Florida and the weather has been amazing. When I can, I work from my back patio which has a great view of the pool… all in all that parts not too bad.

We do have a huge immigrant population here, about 1/3 from island nations or south America, about 1/3 from NY and the rest are normal people who walk around asking WTF at all the strange antics from the other group. Most people can’t seem to “grok” staying inside. We had a lot of college kids on the beaches for spring break… the politicians at the state level are less than useless.

Overall though, I think people are doing what they have to do and getting through things as best they can.


Hey guys! Thanks for asking!

I’m doing mostly good. I’m working remotely for like past 6-7 years from “home”, so WFH is totally fine for me. But at the moment we live not in large apartment so before the virus I actually was going “to work” to my another apartment, where I was alone without family focusing on work.

And now during lockdown I can’t really go there because our government introduced large fines for leaving home without super necessary reasons.

So at the moment I am a bit less productive trying to work in apartment with wife and 3 kids, not an easy challenge :joy:

Hope it ends soon, stay safe!