Vue.config.js problem transpileDependencies

Hi. I have problem with cofigure transpileDependencies from node_modules directory.
I try to add this option to vue.config.js file, but it is not works. I try to add same option to package.json file, but have no fortune too.
Can i configure this option? And how to do this?

May be its help

Thank you for answer, but it’s not solve my problem…

Adding line with needed node module to webpack.config.js solve my problem.
{ test: /\.(js|jsx)$/, use: 'babel-loader', include: [ resolvePath('src'), resolvePath('node_modules/framework7'), resolvePath('node_modules/framework7-vue'), resolvePath('node_modules/feathers-vuex'), resolvePath('node_modules/template7'), resolvePath('node_modules/dom7'), resolvePath('node_modules/ssr-window'), ], },