VUE F7 6.3.15 search with removeDiacritics not working [simple Bug]



The searchAll from virtual list, using the removeDiacritics:true, is not working as expected. By inspecting the code, I see this

Can you see the problem? the value of item.text is as provided, when it should be applied the remove diacritics conversion, otherwise the comparison with query and the item.text wont match!

For sure the query would match non accented text, but besides that, the value being compared should also be converted, otherwise wont be included in the search results…

for example if query is “conceição” then with remove diacritics the query becomes “conceicao” but then the item.text is still “conceição” so it wont match…

So it should be by default:

searchByItem: function (query, item) {
     if (item.text && removeDiacritics(item.text).toLowerCase().indexOf(query.trim().toLowerCase()) >= 0) {
       return true;
     return false;