Vue: F7-input clear-button not working?

This code:
<f7-input type=“text” clear-button :value=“budget” @input=“budget = $”>

But ‘clear-button’ not working ,‘budget’ stay filled with old values

What should I do?

Just checked and it works, are you on latest v2?

And do you see any errors in console?

Yes,I updated to the v2.0.10 today. The Vue version, I used is v2.5.13.

There is no error information on the console

Try this @change="budget = $"

Thanks, I tried it, it work.

i still have the problem. v2.2.5.

seems input:clear doesn’t trigger input, then the value is not refreshed.

It triggers change event on input

yes, i understand. but i think input event is also necessary.

Will be in next release