VUE+FW& useStore throws error in app.vue

I am trying to get retrieve some data from the FW7 store by the means of useStore() method. It works perfectly fine in all my pages and components, but I when I am calling it in app.vue it throws an error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘store’)”.
My goal is to have a login screen declared on the app.vue (root) level so that I can then use it in either root-defined popup; a simple logical check would need to happen if someone is logged in or not.
It might be that what I am doing is wrong so I am open to suggestions on how to achieve this. App.vue does dispatch the action of logging in the user a few lines prior and it works perfectly. Even an attemp to useStore(‘products’) on the blank FW7+vue install throws the same error. Is there a better way to accomplish this? Any guidance will be appreciated.

in root component there is no F7 instance yet initialized so pass the store to the useStore:

import store from '/path/to/store.js';

const something = useStore(store, 'getterName');

That worked great. Thank you!