Vue Range Slider input name

Hi everyone! I have a form with a Range Slider element and i used the ‘input:true’ option so i could easily get the value on form submit:

<f7-range :min="0" :max="100" :step="10" :value="user.value" :input="true" :label="true" :scale="true"></f7-range>

but when i try to get the value, i get nothing:


I guess because F7 creates the input element whitout giving a ‘name’ attribute. But feels kinda weird… it should be a basic behaviour IMHO
Am i missing anything? I would like to avoid some extra DOM manipulation


In Vue.js you don’t need, in Vue.js you should bind the inputs data to component data, so you can get and format it as you need:

<f7-range :min="0" :max="100" :step="10" :value="user.value" :input="true" :label="true" :scale="true" @range:change="(v) => user.value = v"></f7-range>

But i will add input-name prop to range component

Cool, thanks! I think it would be useful in a simple form submit context