Vue - Searchbar in popup subnavbar not working

I am trying to use the searchbar in the navbar of a popup

        <f7-navbar title="Inserisci">
        	<f7-subnavbar :inner="false">
            <f7-link popup-close>Close</f7-link>
		      <f7-list class="searchbar-not-found">
		      	<f7-list-item title="Nothing found"></f7-list-item>
		      <f7-list class="search-list searchbar-found">
		      	<f7-list-item v-for="poi in foundPois" v-bind:title=""></f7-list-item>


Is this supposed to work?

Yes, it should work, and the layout seems correct for me. And it is how it is done and works in Kitchen Sink