[Vue] Sheet Modal - How to recalculate swipe step thresholds?

I have a swipe step sheet modal and a view in the bottom part. However I have a problem - anytime I load a different page in the view or change its content to something with a different height, the sheet does not recalculate accurate swipe threshold and the content is moved up or down. The only thing that remedies this is resizing the browser window, however that is not possible in a mobile app. Is there any way to recalculate these thresholds manually? Or am I modifying the content in a wrong way?

You can call the same method which is called on window resize:


Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for. I have to say though that I had to use this.$refs.mySheet.$el.f7Modal.setSwipeStep(); instead of this.$refs.realSheet.setSwipeStep(); as the latter was throwing setSwipeStep() is not a function error.