Vue SmartSelect Issue


I need some help to setup SmartSelect looks as input form. Note that I’m using vue + framework7

I’m trying to use params “valueEl” is ignored. SmartSelect value is always rendered into item-after.

Moreover can you post some example to use virtualList with smartSelect. Basicaly I need to use it to pick contact from thousands of entry using axios o similar to retrieve values.

Please take a look to the following fiddle:


valueEl should be a CSS selector, like .item-title (note . (dot) in the beginning)

thank you it works …but has a little problem!
the css selector is applied globally not on the list element

please take a look to this jsfiddle

I believe that it can be fixed into following

replacing on line 35
$valueEl = $(ss.params.valueEl);
$valueEl = $el.find(ss.params.valueEl);