Vue stepper dynamic change properties


Is it possible to dynamically change max, min, step properties? if I set vue variables in the and change the value of those variables… nothing happens?


i dont think there is a way to change a prop and then update the stepper.

i would destroy the stepper and create it again with max min values.

but i dont know, im probably wrong and there is a way to do it, but i dont know it.

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Potenitially it is possible. Stepper props are not reactive, so you need to update same props on Stepper class instance:

<f7-stepper ref="myStepper" ...>
// access to Stepper instance
const stepper = this.$refs.myStepper.f7Stepper;
stepper.min = 10;
stepper.max = 100;
// update its value with current value
stepper.setValue(stepper.value, true);
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