[Vue] swipeback error

Hello there,
some problem trouble me a lot.
I have three tabs in my App

  <f7-views tabs ios-edges>
    <f7-toolbar tabbar labels no-hairline :bottom-md="true">
      <f7-link tab-link="#tab-1" text="tab1" icon-ios="fa:tachometer" icon-md="fa:tachometer" icon-size="24px" tab-link-active></f7-link>
      <f7-link tab-link="#tab-2" text="tab2" icon-ios="f7:settings_fill" icon-md="material:settings"></f7-link>
      <f7-link tab-link="#tab-3" text="tab3" icon-ios="f7:cloud_fill" icon-md="material:cloud"></f7-link>
    <f7-view tab tab-active id="tab-1" url="/home/" :main="true"  class="ios-edges"></f7-view>
    <f7-view tab id="tab-2" url="/setting/":main="false" class="ios-edges"></f7-view>
    <f7-view tab id="tab-3" url="/home/chat/" :main="false" class="ios-edges"></f7-view>

and url /setting/ code like this:

                <f7-link class="panel-open" open-panel="left" icon="fa fa-bars"></f7-link>
            <div class="title">setting</div>
                <f7-link class="searchbar-enable" data-searchbar=".searchbar-components" icon="fa fa-search"></f7-link>
            <f7-searchbar class="searchbar-components" search-container=".components-list" search-in="a" expandable></f7-searchbar>
        <f7-block-title class="searchbar-found">internet</f7-block-title>
        <f7-list class="components-list searchbar-found">
            <f7-list-item link="/setting/wan/" title="internet" panel-close>
                <f7-icon slot="media" ios="fa:globe" md="fa:globe" size="24px"></f7-icon>
        <f7-list class="searchbar-not-found">
            <f7-list-item title="Nothing found"></f7-list-item>

and url /setting/wan/ code like this:

    <f7-navbar title="internet" back-link="Back"></f7-navbar>
    <f7-block-title>Welcome to Framework7</f7-block-title>
    <f7-block strong>
      <p>Framework7 - is a free and open source HTML mobile framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS or Android (Material) native look and feel. It is also an indispensable prototyping apps tool to show working app prototype as soon as possible in case you need to. Framework7 is created by Vladimir Kharlampidi (iDangero.us).</p>

when I enter /setting/wan, then touch back button(on left top), everything is ok.
but when I swipeback on iOS theme, the console show me the error message blow:

    swipe-back.js:373 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'route' of null
        at HTMLDivElement.eval (swipe-back.js:373)
        at HTMLDivElement.fireCallBack (dom7.module.js:514)
        at HTMLDivElement.handleEvent (dom7.module.js:365)

and the /setting/wan 's Navbar will cover /setting/'s Navbar

where is wrong with my code ?
thanks a lot