Vue3 + f7router dont works

Hi (u/).
how can i use f7 router to navigate between components with vue 3 and f7router?.
I know how to do this with vue 3 vue-router, but for convenience, I would like to do it with what f7 provides

export default {

  setup() {

    const store = useStore();



    const friends = ref()

    const friends_requests = ref()


    watchEffect(() =>{

      friends.value = computed(() => 



      friends_requests.value = computed(() => 




    //TODO: no funciona

    const gotoChat = function(frd){

      var frd_string = JSON.stringify(frd)
      //my try ->


    return { friends: friends.value, friends_requests: friends_requests.value, gotoChat }



In the example you posted I can not see anything related to routing. Please create a minimal live example using template from here How to ask a good question on forum