Warning with react list item checkbox

This rendering code:

   render() {
    let list_items = [
            title="Select all"

    return (
        <Page onPageAfterIn={this.onPageAfterIn.bind(this)}>
            <Navbar inner sliding backLink="Back" title="Create & Link">
                <NavRight class="right">
                    <Link onClick={this.save.bind(this)}><Icon material="save"></Icon></Link>
                <BlockTitle>Create activity with the matched entities attached</BlockTitle>

… produces the following warning:

Warning: Failed prop type: You provided a `checked` prop to a form field without an `onChange` handler. This will render a read-only field.

Obviously , I have onChange handler. If I don’t care about the warning, the code is working also.

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See the issue. Will be fixed in next update

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“See the issue”? To what issue are you referring to?

Issue in F7 casting this error message

Sorry, misunderstood, thought you were referring to an existing github issue, which I could not find.