Welcome screen for the framewrok 7 v5 app

how to show welcome screen only for first time after the app is installed in framework7

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Thanks shastox
I tried this code it is working fine on web browser but its not working in my application. Can you please suggest any alternate method.

There is a error in your code

Hello, shastox
can you please correct me where i’m doing wrong in the code

return {
methods: {
login_form : function (){

    var user_email = $("#user_email").val();
    var user_password = $("#user_password").val();

    var form = app.form.convertToData('#login_data');

    app.request.post("api/login.php",{form}, function (msg){

      var msg_data =JSON.parse(msg);

      if(msg_data.data == "success"){
        var user_id = msg_data.user_id;

        mainView.router.navigate({ name: 'profile' });

         app.dialog.alert("Failed to Login !"," Auto Car");




I don’t see a welcome screen at all here :shushing_face:

if (!localStorage.getItem(‘user_id’)) {
//new user