What are the different platform styles available? Can we add a new platforms/styles?


I’m trying to choose an hybrid framework to build an app across 3 platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

For instance, Weex does have 3 styles for each components they provide. Is it the same for Framework7?
We do not want to be limited to 2 styles only as we know the Web style will be neither material or iOS style.

1/ Is there a way to create our own ‘platform’ in Framework7 and can we provide our own style for this platform?
2/ How does Framework7 chooses the style for the Web style?
3/ Does Framework7 chooses the iOS style for Safari/Chrome on a MacOS or does it uses material then?
4/ Can we test the app without building the apk/ios app? Can we just npm run dev and test on a browser and then select one of the 3 styles?
5/ Finally, can we override built-in styles?


You can but it will be a lot of extra work

By default it uses Material Design theme for anything is not an iOS device