What development tool you use?

I’m curious of what you guys are using to develop your app with framework7?
i have been using Wappler for years and its not caring much about framrwork7 even tho its in the pro edition of Wappler… not much attention or updates are getting released addressing framrwork7.

So what are you guys are using?

Now i’m using Cordova cli, first i use phonegap build but is clóset now…

im using Cordova too.
But what program you use to code and view your app pages? :slightly_smiling_face:

Visual studio code. With live preview plugin

I’ve been looking into that. but i cant make the live preview to work. it doesn’t load JS
does yours work with JS? to load framework7.

Yes. Works great.


Thats the one i use.

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I use Visual Studio Code with the Cordova extention. Then I’ll often switch over to XCode for builds and simulations.

But its hard to visualize the app without a real time html view. how do you manage that?
my index.html is 5000 lines and its really hard to navigate throw the code

is there an editor or visual studio code extension that let you run the page and if you select an element from the preview then it will be highlighted in the code?

VSC Live Server will only open a browser window and it is separate from the editor in terms of interactions

I do use a real-time HTML view, through Visual Studio Code. The Tools for Apache Cordova extention launches a Chrome mobile simulator browser, and another Chrome window with controls for the Cordova instance (such as iOS version, GPS location, online/offline simulation and more). As I change the code, it is automatically reflected in the live view.


I’m using Wappler for building mobile apps and with the recent changes from the last few months it’s even better than before. I’ve built 3 huge apps for my clients just for the the past year (features like realtime delivery tracking, bookings, realtime management etc) the pro subscription pays off almost immediately.
Also the Wappler creators are in the forums and you can communicate with them every day. They’ve fixed some small issues i found during the development process. I must say me and my clients are really happy with what Wappler offers.

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wappler doesnt care about framework7

its good with bootstrap but absolutely broken with framework7. missing elements,no framework7 events at all. you have to code 90% of the time to add the page elements you want where you want. and many more
they put a minimal working page and left it for years

all their update are focused on website buulding with bootstrap and wappler is great for that with their client and server framework.

on top of that you cant update framework7 until they do.

and you must include thier client framework evenn if its not desired. and it slow the page load based on chrome testing.

Thank you!
that is great way to work on framework7.
is there a way to navigate a large page more efficiently that you use or recommend.

is there a way for example to show a tree of the DOM elements?

I have no idea what are you talking about.
Nothing is slowed down and framework7 works perfectly fine with App Connect framework which is obviously required when dealing with dynamic data.
I am using framework 7 with Wappler for my apps, not Bootstrap. It sounds to me you are using some other “Wappler software” or you just have no idea what’s going on :slight_smile:

I must be not knowing anything about wappler for 3 years then :slight_smile:

their showcase is almost all bootstrap websites with one or two framework7 just go and check.

How do you add Action Sheet? what about a tabs? or just a simple FAB? pull to refresh? lazy load? and many more and the events for them all?

the simple page events are not supported in the visual editor and its been 3 years of just promises

Even the code editor that you WILL use 95% of the time doesn’t support ES6…

if you still want to blindly defend them then by all means do as you like its your 487$

Have anyone try WebStorm?
i installed it yesterday and it have Cordova project setup! and a live view inside the editor (not a separate chrome page like VSC)

That sounds like your case. Good luck with any other IDE offering what wappler does.

As i already explained my yearly costs pay off after i begin working on a single project. The time saved from hand-coding allows me to build more projects per year than hand coding them.
You are either a troll or really don’t have an idea what’s going on. Good luck with finding another tool then.

he is the creator (or at least one of them) of wappler
just ask him what yuo need, i’m sure he wiil help you.

Lol i wish i was the creator of wappler :smiley:

Yes, you just open the dev console within the Chrome simulator environment. It gives you all the usual tools, like dom nodes, JS console, CSS rules, timings, network access etc.