What happend to Phenome.js + FW7?

I was reading framwork7 blog posts and there was this recent post, announcing Phenome.js as part of FW7 v3 development, here is a link to the post:

So I was excited to see a universal solution to have compatibility layer to all React and Vue.js

But why this was not introduce to FW7 V3.0 as the post indicated ???

Does anyone know?

I think you misunderstood the purpose of Phenome: it is my understanding that Phenome makes it possible to create from a single source the various targets (vue/react) which means less effort for the development team.

Phenome is a compiler for the developers of F7 to keep the 3 variations of Framework7 in sync.


Thanks for the clarification and insight

I wish it was the case where we can actually write universal code in FW7 and compile it to React and Vue.js

Eric is right, Phenome is used to compile F7’s Vue and React components. Potentially you can write your app page components with phenome too and compile it to Vue/React, but it is not a Phenome usecase

You can learn more about phenome at http://phenomejs.org