What is considered a paid app?


I have a question not related to Framework7, but I do use F7 to build my app.

My general question is, what is considered a paid app when submitting to Google play store? To be more specific:

  1. I have a physical gym and my members, of course, pay memberships (in my gym).
  2. I also have a web site, where gym members can login and have access to members only content (mysql database is connected to gym membership and billing software).
  3. Then I have a few digital products (online training course, nutrition web app etc.) anybody (not just my gym members) can purchase. These products also reside in members only area of my website I mentioned above. These products can be paid via Stripe and PayPal.
  4. Now I’m converting above mentioned membership website to an app (for now just Android). There is some free content, members only area and intro pages for digital products. To purchase a digital product a user will be redirected to my web payment page.

So, is my app considered free or paid app? Is there anything I have to be aware of? I mean, if I redirect a user to my web payment page, Google (or Apple) doesn’t get any commission. Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance!

Paid app for me is the app that you have pay first before downloading it. In your case it sounds like a free up with paid features, e.g. you need to pay some extra to open it extra features.

I mean, if I redirect a user to my web payment page, Google (or Apple) doesn’t get any commission

As far as I know it is not allowed, if Apple/Google will know about it, they will ban you. If it is possible to use the app only by doing some online purchase, then this payment should be done though Apple/Google

Thank you! My app will be primarily for gym members (just like my current membership web site) and they get access by paying gym membership in my gym, not online. But there is an option to purchase the so called online gym membership and you get the same online content as physical gym members. I don’t know what to do? :confused: I already have Stripe and PayPal setup for online payments.