What is the alternative of phonegap to build F7 app?

Hi, I have some projects created by F7 (v1), F7(v2), F7(v4) core.
We know that Adobe is going to shut down the phonegap service maybe in 1st October 2020. So what is the alternative of phonegap? How can we build our F7(v1,v2,v4 core) app now for both android and ios?

It is very important for us who have F7 old projects.

Please let me know if you have knowledge about this.

Thank you

  • Having Mac
  • Running macOs in VM on windows (not sure it will work)
  • Appflow

Are you sure about Appflow?

You could also use Apache Cordova. It is still being developed and used. The open source developers have said that Cordova is being supported and will be supported regardless of what Adobe does.
Cordova Blog addresses Phonegap closure by Adobe

or… What about Capacitor? Will it work for your purposes?

Capacitor’s web site

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Agree with @curiosity, we use Apache Cordova in our project.

You can try trigger.io
Works very well

cordova is a good alternative

I build wilt cordova CLI. On Windows you can build for Android and I use a Mac vm for iOS.

Follow this tutorial to install Mac on windows. It works!