What is the best way to use Vue component as autocomplete dropdown item?


I use Framework7 Vue and would like to use vue component as dropdown item. Exactly instead of this element: https://s3.amazonaws.com/donnicky_screenshots/2019-11-23_20-30-00_5ed98d50-c95e-4035-9149-1482c873ae0f.png

Is there some best way to do it to avoid writing dropdown vue component from the scratch as far as framework7 code has own logic for dropdown root positioning in positionDropdown() and would be nice if it still did its job?

There is no way to do it, as dropdown content generated dynamically as HTML string

Ok. Perhaps some day autocomplete will be delivered as pure Vue component. Now I had to some like this:

         some custom input
    template(v-if="dropdownIsVisible", slot="root")
         some custom dropdown

But I had to copy some JS logic from autocomplete-class.js what is not very nice as copy-paste of any kind.