What next big feature you wait or want in Framework7?

I would like to have an emoji bar above the message bar like on instagram where you can add custom emoji’s.

Also I use this plugin in my app for filtering results, would be a nice component for F7 too:

I just read an article about Splashscreen for PWA

Since there is already a CLI to generate Splashscreens for Cordova, I suppose it should be possible to generate all the required images for PWA Splashscreens, no ? :slight_smile:

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I would love to see a non-SPA starter project. Our team, and many other dev teams, are getting away from SPA architecture and moving to static site generation. It would be great to support this (or provide some guidance on how to support this) for teams looking to do a more “traditional” website while using f7 components/api.

If this already exists or anyone has any resources to help point me in the right direction it is much appreciated!

<a href="...">link</a> => <a href="..." class="external">...</a> ?

Using CLI you can create a simple web app and serve it statically.

I certainly appreciate the responses. However, it does not seem this straightforward to me. Yes we can use external links and generate a simple web app but in both of these cases the app is still a SPA or loads the entire framework including routing etc which is not needed.

I guess what I am asking for is the ability to use f7 more as a component library than the entire framework, similar to bootstrap.The motivation comes from the perspective outlined in this article (and many others): https://love2dev.com/blog/pwa-spa/
My understanding is that advances in ES features, browser support and service workers the SPA architecture is no longer as valuable as it was previously.

In short, I would like to have the option to use only the pieces of f7 that are useful for a given project at the least or to have a MPA starter template that shows how to use f7 without routing/navigation.

Am I just overlooking a simple solution?

Just add a cache like this one https://www.nginx.com/blog/nginx-caching-guide/

I would be happy to see Charts components


Maybe can go for Simple Parallax like this

It would be great to have micro-interactions (small animations with spring, inertial, parallax…) to create things like this from F7:

(I know, I know, these are AE animations, not CSS ones :slight_smile: I just wanted to illustrate it).
I am not talking about simple animations (which is possible right now), but more like the expandable cards animation you created, or something like this example from Snabbdom:

BTW @nolimits4web, once again, congrats for such a great framework.


something like this: http://flatfull.com/themes/apply/html/layout.flex.html (Flex layout) will allow us to create desktop/mobile applications with single code.
Thank you for consideration.

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SwipeBack 's performance on ios device, when too many data in current page or previous page

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What can I use today?
It would be great if the FAB had a javascript .create() , open, close, destroy.
Just like notifications.

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Yeah, I get this too. I think too many things have (and keep) translate3d to make them use the GPU, but then the GPU has limited memory, so the browser makes random choices on what to accelerate.

In Safari, you can add the Layers panel (first go to experimental options) to see how many layers you have, and how much memory they are taking up. Works on remote connection to phone as well.

Background: https://webkit.org/blog/8262/visualizing-layers-in-web-inspector/

More info: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/performance/rendering/stick-to-compositor-only-properties-and-manage-layer-count

add async-validator to the form

Hide/show password field input

  1. Calendar disabled custom method actually receives only the date by parameter. Couldn’t it receive also the calendar instance?

  2. A smartselect method like Smartselect.completelyUnsetValues() that really unselects all the options and remove the displayed value. https://github.com/framework7io/framework7/issues/3294

  3. F7 CLI I think would be nice to include these scripts to the package.json (just to hurry things up):
    “run-cordova-android-dev”: “cross-env TARGET=cordova cross-env NODE_ENV=development node ./build/build.js && cd cordova && cordova run android”,
    “run-cordova-ios-dev”: “cross-env TARGET=cordova cross-env NODE_ENV=development node ./build/build.js && cd cordova && cordova run ios”

@nolimits4web как насчет сделать небольшие подкасты по F7 / не только? Новости, лучшие практики. Или канал на Youtube.

Add “sticky” effect on page-content like PTR page, it will add a bit of interactivity

Video and audio player, maybe… :shushing_face:, like who needs it :wink: