What to start with

i just started working on F7 and i’m still stuck meaning… i’ve installed every necessary software but now how to start coding and how to run my program. i recently purchased i Framework7 theme but i dont even know how to start working on it please Help!

what exactly the software you are running your F7 app?

running on VUE and other necessary cli’s

If you purchased theme then you need to ask it from the developer of the theme. Otherwise to start with v4, it is recommended to use framework7-cli https://framework7.io/cli/

I vividly remember being in your situation a couple of years ago. What I did was to follow the docs and get the kitchen sink running, then I studied the code of the kitchen sink to see how it was all playing together, then I went on to play around and edit the kitchen sink code to see what would happen.

So for me, my formula was edit kitchen sink + F7 docs = getting app started

Hope that helps!