What to use instead of Phonegap Build?

Im using Phonegap Build to build all my apps.

I just tried to upload an app to the App Store and just found out that Apple now requires that “New apps for iPhone or iPad must be built with the iOS 13 SDK or later” and that phonegap build, is building with SDK 12.1.

So what could I use instead of Phonegap build, any recommendations, what is the easiest way to get an ipa file?

I have already build the app with phonegap build so I know that all plugins and everything works as it should.

So is the Cordova CLI the best option?

I also use Phonegap Build, do you know if Adobe abandoned it and it is no longer updated?
I didn’t find anything official about it.

And yes, I think the best option is Cordova CLI.
I never stepped forward to move to Cordova CLI, but it’s more for convenience with Phonegap Build than anything else.

Yes it has been abandoned by Adobe. Its a big shame since it was so easy and quick with the Phonegap Build.

Yes I have started with Cordova CLI, I guess thats the next best thing.

You can also try Ionic’s Appflow https://ionicframework.com/appflow
A lot of devs use it with Framework7

Thanks Vladimir.
I have search a bit for a simple guide how to use a finished framework7 app with Ionic, but no luck.
Do you know any easy guide?

Does anybody who build there apps with framework7 and uses Ionic to package and create an .ipa file have a quick guide on how to do it?

yes it’s a shame, it’s very to compile. I think i’m gonna try with cordova cli.

We use [email protected] to compile with the latest requirements for Apple

Thanks Patron, I have updated the Cordova CLI to the latest 9.0.0 and made a test build in the simulator and it is working as it should so far :slight_smile: So tomorrow I will try to sign it and package it and upload it.
Any tips and tricks when doing so? Anything I should think about?

Hi @Manmade ! no … if you use X-Code you could upload it from there.
The cordova cli - ios version to compile without errors in IOS is the @6.1.0, with 6.1.1 I’ve had errors.
Each time you need to upgrade ios version of cordova, I suggest doing a new fresh cordova project

Yes I will use xcode. I have never uploaded from xcode before but I guess Ill find out how to do it, I hope :wink:

Im using pushwoosh for pushes, and when I build the app to the simulator it asked me if I wanted to subscribe to pushes as it should. But do I have to do anything specific for pushes to work when I upload it to the app store or is it going to work as long as it askes me to subscribe and I then know that the push code works?

@Manmade I’ve create this simple cheatsheet, check it:


Thanks a lot. Just what I did before today.
But my computer is so old so I only can install xcode 8 and SDK 10.2. So now I have to order a new computer haha.
The app could have been uploaded two days ago if phonegap build would have worked and no new computer needed haha. But thats life I guess :blush:

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