What's new in v5 beta? please add changelogs to github

I’m following the github release feed of the project and i see that there is a v5 in beta.
What are the new features?

This project is great but i feel it lacks communication: there is no changelog when new github releases are pushed.


P.S. i just published my first F7’s PWA yesterday

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There is no changelog because there are too many and too often changes right now. It will be published when it is more or less production ready. Right now i don’t recommend to use it


Thank you for all you do with this project. Excited for what v5 has to offer!

I migrate my project to v5 beta, old components work fine without bugs :wink:

@nolimits4web когда выйдет полноценный changlelog, как обычно делается в блоге, хотелось бы полный список, включая мелкие изменения: судя по коммитам добавляются новые функции и параметры, но не перечитывать же всю доку после выхода v5 :slight_smile:

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Did you notice something new or changed? :slight_smile:

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Navbar, fixed styles in 5 minutes for my custom design. F7 5.0.b-11 Datapicker not yet tested, what new parameters for data/time/datatime type?

All new parameters here https://github.com/framework7io/framework7/blob/v5/src/core/components/calendar/calendar.d.ts