When content of popover is re-rendering it crashes the app with React

I am using F7 v5 + React. I have a popover containing some list:

        <Navbar title="Some Title" />
           items.map(item => {
              const { foo, id } = item
              return (
                  { foo }

If I add/remove/change something in the items array - which will force a re-render while the popover is opened, I will get a blank white screen as the app crashes with the next 3 errors:

NotFoundError: The object can not be found here.
logCapturedError — react-dom.development.js:19527

The above error occurred in the <f7-popover> component:
    in f7-popover
    in Unknown
    in div (created by f7-nav-right)
    in f7-nav-right
    in div (created by f7-navbar)
    in div (created by f7-navbar)
    in f7-navbar
    in Unknown
    in Unknown
    in div (created by f7-page-content)
    in f7-page-content (created by f7-page)
    in div (created by f7-page)
    in f7-page
    in Unknown (created by f7-view)
    in div (created by f7-view)
    in f7-view
    in div (created by f7-app)
    in f7-app
    in Unknown

Consider adding an error boundary to your tree to customize error handling behavior.
Visit https://fb.me/react-error-boundaries to learn more about error boundaries.

Unhandled Promise Rejection: NotFoundError: The object can not be found here.

Can you create a minimal reproduction example using template from this post How to ask a good question on forum ?