When keyboard is closed, what js code is running then?

In a standalone web app.
When I click in a form and the keyboard is opened it pushes the hole app up and when the keyboard is closed it pushes the hole app down again so everything look as it should.

So my question is what code in the framework.js file is running when the keyboard is closed?
What is making the hole app move down to the bottom of the screen?
I need to use it for something in my app.

Really hope you can answer this Vladimir, thanks a lot!

It is done by iOS natively, no code related, and in iOS web app there is no clear way to detect was keyboard opened or closed

Thanks a lot Vladimir.
I got what I needed to work with this.

$(document).on(‘blur’, ‘input, textarea,file,label,files’, function()
window.scrollTo(0, 0)