When the code in tabBeforeRemove function is loaded

There is a routable tab in my app and I would like to destroy some object when tab change. So I try to run some codes in tabBeforeRemove function, but the code didnt work.
Could anyone pls tell me, how should I do?

How do you use it, any examples?

There is a componentUrl, and some codes below in , and tabMounted work well but tabBeforeRemove didnt work.

on: {
tabMounted: function(newTabEl, tabRoute){

    tabBeforeRemove: function(){


Hi @nolimits4web,

thanks for your reply, could you pls to visit ‘https://jsfiddle.net/ryandong8321/60ycf86u/61/’,

the function ‘beforeRemove’ didnt work either.


Ok, found the issue with on.tabBeforeRemove, will fix it. As for beforeRemove it works, it just should be called beforeDestroy

Hi @nolimits4web,
Thank you for your reply and help.