Where can I host my framework7 based web app.?

I just find out about this Framework 7 based app and I found it as such an awesome framework to work with. However, I just have one question and I tried to get it’s answer myself, but I was unable to do so and that’s why I am asking this question here.
I was wondering that where can we host this framework 7 based app I mean which host is best suited with this framework is it Google GCE cloud, Linode cloud, AWS hosting and secondly the question is should I go with the conventional hosting or I have the liberty to go with the managed hosting as their are companies like Cloudways who can ease the job by managing the server.

Well, I’d say it depends on the larger dynamics of your app, such as server environment - node or apache, etc. If your app requires a particular backend server, then you would need a web host that offers that particular service.

But for Framework7 on its own, any web host that can host basic html/js can host your app.