Which cloud backend?

I’m curious (as I’m shopping for a cost-effective solution,) what are people using for their app’s cloud backend?

I’ve previously tried Microsoft Azure Mobile App Service but it has often proved costly and limiting… hence my interest in something a little cheaper and quicker to get set up.

I recommend Firebase, it is pretty powerful and really cheap, you can even use it for free if your usage is low, the free tier is really generous. It also integrates really easily with F7 using the official firebase Javascript library.

The only downside is that their database solutions do not offer advanced query filters or text search so you will have to find external solutions for that. For example, you can link a MySql instance from Google cloud quite easily using firebase functions.

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Thanks. I didn’t actually know there was a free tier. The database issue might stitch me up a bit, but I’ll take a look into it and see what they offer. Currently using Azure SQL but it’s becoming a bit costly.

Firebase with Vuefire/Vuexfire works great for me/my use case currently. Ultimately depends on your requirements though.