Which is better cordova or capacitor?

I noticed that framework7 is now supporting capacitor. Is there any criterion on when to use cordova or capacitor? I tried looking for some possible gains on switching to capacitor, but didn’t found any, It would be great if someone can explain it?

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I posed the same question recently on the Cordova Slack channel. I think they’re essentially the same, but Cordova has a much more established plugin library, if only because of the length of time it has existed (and not all of those plugins are valid any longer, or well-maintained).

I guess it’s just a case of recreating the same concept (PWA running natively) in a modern way, perhaps learning from experiences with Apache Cordova to create a leaner, more functional system.

Whatever system you choose, there is a learning curve, and each has their own network of support. Both achieve the same result as far as the user is concerned.

This is what i got while searching for it, I do not find any significant performance gain on using capacitor vs cordova