White screen after opening app in android 5.1

Hi, I am developing a app for Android using framework7(core) v4.2.0.In Android 6+ everything is working fine.But on Android 5.1 a white screen appears after opening the app. I used chrome to inspect error and found the errors below.

The key “viewport-fit” is not recognized and ignored.
Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function - framework7.bundle.min.js
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier - app.js

But if I use version 2.0.2 everything is working on Android 5.1.Any solution for version 4.2.0?


might it be that the to low webview version is used & ECMAScript (6) is not supported?

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Then, there is no way without using old version?

Have yours checked the webview version (config - app - Android webview)?

Look for errors in console. You can inspect the webview by running app in android simulator and then opening on your computer Chrome and navigating to chrome://inspect/#devices
There you can connect to your simulator and examine if there any errors in console for example

I followed this way & mentioned the error in my question.Please check.