Why i'm getting error while creating framework7 project?

I’m creating a new framework7 project in ubuntu 20.04LTS. While I run sudo framework7 create, I get

✔ All good, you have latest framework7-cli version.
? What type of the app are you targeting? Simple web app
? App (project) name: pdf
? What type of framework do you prefer? Framework7 Core
? Choose starter template: Blank
? Should we setup project with bundler? Webpack (recommended)
? Do you want to setup CSS Pre-Processor No, i am good with CSS
? Do you want to specify custom theme color? No, use default color theme
? Do you want to include Framework7 Icons and Material Icons icon fonts? Yes, include icon fonts
✔ Generating package.json
✔ Creating required folders structure
✖ Error installing NPM Dependencies

No logs are generated for this error.
How can I remove this error?
EDIT:- Could it be happening due to ubuntu, I tried same command on windows and it works