Why is Framework7 FASTER then Ionic

Hello everyone!

I am researching about the best technology for creating hybrid apps with web code.

For this reason I compared framework7 and Ionic’s kitchen sink.

On my iPhone XR I feel a BIG difference in terms of performance/speed/smoothness. framework7 feels always like double the FPS then Ionic.

Could someone tell me why this is so? Framework7 is clearly faster from UI in my eyes then Ionic. And I wonder why?



I second this question. Might as well bandwagon on your Research.
How about trying Onsen UI?
Is Framework7 still outrun It?

@amiru_fadli thanks for joining the question! I have not yet tried Onsen UI, did you? I only compared Ionic vs Framework7, they seem to be the biggest ones.

Maybe @nolimits4web can tell us, how framework7 is so much better performing (fps-wise) than Ionic? You are doing a great job there, when we have to ask that😄

I have no idea to be honest because I don’t know how Ionic coded and works under the hood


This is quite pointless question.

What JS framework you used in your testing for Framework7 - React, Svelte, Vue? And for Ionic - Angular, React, Vue?

I doubt you have two exactly similar apps with one build with Framework7 and other with Ionic. Otherwise you can’t test it, because they function and behave differently.

My Framework7 app is kinda slow. Because it has a lot of calculations, it requires rerendering every 10 seconds and so on. And it feels slow. You need a decent Android phone to run it smooth.

On contrast, my Ionic app is much simpler. It doesn’t have that much functionality. And of course it runs very smooth and fast.

In both cases it heavily depends what kind of app it is, how well it’s written and optimized. And of course the JS framework matters a lot. It’s half of the deal.

Hey @Technical ,

I compared both kitchen sinks (which should be optimized/ showcasing best performance right?)
Framework7: Kitchen Sink | Framework7 Documentation
Ionic: https://ionic-docs-demo.herokuapp.com/

Especially there I compared the FAB (Floating Action Button). To have better comparison.

The Framework7 implementation runs super smooths on iOS and Android in my default system browser on the phones.
Ionic is kind of fast, but I feel it’s minimally laggy, feels like 30fps(ionic) vs 60fps(framework7).

Go and check it out and let me know if you feel a difference too!

Well, that particular Ionic kitchen sink is indeed slower than Framework7’s one. But component demo on the Ionic website runs much better. What Ionic version that kitchen sink uses is also important.

You have to remember that real applications are not kitchen sinks. They will perform differently.

@Technical Can you send me a link to your framework7 app? would love to check it out!
I will do a direct comparison one day and let you know here.

Unfortunately, I can’t. This is an internal corporate app. Not for public usage.

I used to think that ionic is faster than f7, i don’t know. Ionic says it’s up to 60 fps performance