Why swipeout do not work in mobile?

Hi ,

i need to request some help for Swipeout component in Frameowkr7 ?

i have tried framework7 ,version 3.6.2 , 3.6.7. and also 4.2.0 ,

here is the sample i did ,
https://jsfiddle.net/kalmenchia/v9o56eu7/ ,

the swipeout , when it is on desktop view , it works , but when use chrome browser inspect
and change the “view” to mobile emulator none of the view is working , when we try the swipeout for all mobile view/ physical real mobile phone , all NOT woking at all.

thanks for any help,

Hi , when i tried using the default demos,
it also the same, it works in desktop but when we switch to mobile view using browser inspect , it will no longer work ! Please help,


Just refresh browser when enabled mobile mode and everything will work