Workbox console logging Vue application

I’ve created my first F7 Vue application for web, pwa, IOS and Android.

When I run it using ‘npm run dev’ the console is flooded with Workbox log messages.

I found some sample code:
if (workbox) {
console.log(‘Workbox is loaded’);
// Switch debug logging on/off here. Default is on in dev and off in prod.

    workbox.setConfig({ debug: false });
  } else {
    console.log("Workbox didn't load");


which I’ve tried in app.js and index.html but workbox is undefined.

Applying filters in the Chrome console doesn’t work either.

Any help appreciated in turning this logging off.

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Having the exact same problem no idea what to do, the service worker is making thousands of requets a second to fetch updates and the workbox logs are overflowing in the console.